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Using Noncompetes And Nondisclosure Agreements To Assert Your Interests

Industry-leading businesses rely on noncompete and nondisclosure agreements to protect trade secrets and innovative practices that allow them to maintain their edge over competitors.

At Burke Bogdanowicz PLLC, we understand what’s at stake when you are drafting or enforcing a noncompete or NDA in Texas. Our employment and business law attorneys have extensive contract and litigation experience. We draw on this insight to safeguard your interests when designing your agreement or responding to a breach.

Customizing Agreements According To Your Objectives And Circumstances

When you retain our firm, you will work closely with a skilled contract attorney who will tailor the document according to your business’s unique concerns and situation. We are well aware of the risks that companies take when they rely on cookie-cutter agreements. Our attorneys are diligent when writing contracts, striving to minimize liabilities and limit the opportunity for lawsuits.

Having represented business owners and corporations in a variety of industries, we design NDAs that safeguard:

  • Trade secrets
  • Client lists
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Technical designs
  • Other valuable information that gives your business an advantage

Our clients have also benefited from our customized noncompete agreements and the lengths that we will go to enforce them. Prevailing in a noncompete matter can be difficult for employers in Texas, but our attorneys are well-versed in the exceptions that may secure a favorable result.

Moving Quickly After A Contract Breach

Having represented clients on both sides of the courtroom, our trial attorneys move quickly to contain the damage caused by an NDA contract breach or defend against allegations of a breach. We are mindful of cost as well as your reputation. Before we offer recommendations, you can depend on us to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks associated with negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Whether your matter involves a former employee, contractor, supplier, competitor or other party, we will pursue an expedient course of action.

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