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Holding Companies Accountable For Dangerous Products

Whether it is medicine, automobiles or electronics, the vetting process for these and other consumer products is intense. Designers, manufacturers, retailers and other parties in a product’s distribution chain all have a hand in ensuring that items sold to the public are safe when they are used for their intended purpose.

When parties fail to meet their obligations, the consequences can be catastrophic or even deadly. If you or a loved one has been hurt by a dangerous or defective product in Texas, you can take action, and we can help. At Burke Bogdanowicz PLLC, our personal injury attorneys are highly trained litigators who know how to use the law to hold negligent businesses responsible for your serious injuries.

Understanding Defect Claims

To win a product liability case takes more than a compelling story about your injuries. Our attorneys are well-versed in Texas’s product liability laws and civil procedures, using their knowledge to present arguments that get results.

Product defect claims typically fall into one of these three categories:

  • Defective design: The product’s design was defective, making the item unsafe even before the item was built and sold.
  • Defective manufacturing: An unsafe component or part was added when the product was assembled.
  • Defective marketing: The assembled product is sold without adequate labels, safety warnings, manuals or other instructions.

When we take your case, we will examine all aspects of the faulty product to locate the defective component and identify the accountable party. Using your story, expert testimony and other evidence, we will work tirelessly to build a rock-solid claim.

Product Liability Cases We Handle

Our attorneys focus on severe and catastrophic injury claims caused by:

  • Tires, brake systems and other defective vehicle components
  • Defective drugs and medical devices
  • Home appliances and furniture
  • Consumer electronics
  • Children’s furniture and toys
  • Dangerous machinery found on construction sites and other hazardous workplaces
  • Other deadly or defective consumer products

Corporations and their insurers know that product liability payouts can be expensive because the financial, physical and emotional impacts of injuries are extensive. These entities will do everything in their power to avoid taking full responsibility for their actions.

It’s our job to hold these businesses accountable, and we do. Whether you need an assertive advocate in negotiations or the courtroom, turn to our team at Burke Bogdanowicz PLLC.

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