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Moving Swiftly To Contain The Impact Of Real Estate Disputes

Among your entity’s assets, your real estate investments may shine brightest. If you find yourself involved in a dispute over a lease, sale or purchase, what was a crown jewel can quickly become a costly liability.

Our litigators at Burke Bogdanowicz PLLC understand that these conflicts can have a significant negative impact on your business’s bottom line and your financial outlook. They act quickly to find a favorable solution that aligns with your goals and minimizes the resources you expend to address the problem. In Texas and elsewhere in the nation, our trial attorneys are recognized as sophisticated advocates who embrace a legal challenge in and out of court.

We Know What It Takes To Prevail In Contentious And Challenging Conflicts

Our attorneys are trial-tested litigators and strategic negotiators. Whether you need a tireless legal ally to fight for your interests in the courtroom or other venues, we stand ready. We have counseled high-asset individuals and advised hundreds of business owners who operate in various industries, so we are familiar with the pressing concerns that you bring to the table.

We offer high-touch, assertive representation to:

  • Commercial and residential real estate owners
  • Investors
  • Lenders
  • Developers
  • Commercial landlords

Our attorneys have the skill set to handle exceptionally challenging real estate disputes, including:

  • Lease structures
  • Property valuation concerns
  • Management concerns for franchisees
  • Development disputes
  • Fiduciary issues

Resolving real estate conflicts is not all that we do. We also help our investors find optimal solutions for a property that has suffered a substantial loss in value. Count on us to give honest advice regarding the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing workouts, loan modifications, short sales, deed-in-lieu transactions and foreclosure proceedings. Whichever option you select, our transactional attorneys will guide you through the process, using our cutting-edge technical capabilities to handle your matter expediently.

Take The First Step Toward Resolving Your Issue Today

Addressing real estate disputes promptly can go a long way toward containing costs. Our lawyers can help you get ahead of your legal problem so that you can focus on more pressing challenges.

We invite you to share your concerns and schedule a private consultation via our online form or by calling 214-516-6692.