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Critical steps to take when a party sues your company

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Business Litigation

Your company faces a lawsuit. You and your partners braced yourselves for this, knowing of its likelihood. Now you must plan and tactfully respond.

Taking a strategic approach is among the critical steps needed when another party confronts your company with a lawsuit. Now, it is time to get organized, confer with partners, colleagues and an attorney, remaining calm and sensible, while also gathering information that will support your case.

Meet, discuss and gather

Here are three crucial things to do when your company faces litigation:

  • Meet and discuss the matter with partners and others: In confidential discussions, go over details of the lawsuit, carefully review the case and talk about how your company may respond. Someone within the company may know about matters that you and others do not. Such revealings may make a difference.
  • Talk with an attorney: Maybe your company already has a skilled business attorney in your corner. That is the first step. An attorney can provide critical insight and analysis, likely having dealt with similar legal situations. In reviewing the case, an attorney may determine whether it is a valid lawsuit, or one meant to serve as an annoying obstacle.
  • Assemble supporting documents: You need to provide the necessary records that reinforce your case, essentially eroding the claims of the other party. These may include invoices, emails, letters, any correspondence, electronic documents and past and present contracts. Some of these may trigger you into remembering specific details of this client and related agreements.

Maintain a calm head and do not ignore when someone or some company files a lawsuit against your business. This is the time to prepare.

On the way to resolution

A lawsuit is time-consuming, taking your attention away from business dealings and forcing you to confront legal dealings. Ideally, you want to get this matter resolved as soon as possible. Get organized and know the best ways to counter a lawsuit.