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Architect made an error? You could be able to make a claim

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Personal Injury

When you are building a new structure, you need to have the right plans in place to make sure that it is strong enough to support the weight of people inside, furniture, machinery and other items. You also need to know that the building can withstand wind and storms, rain and common impacts.

When architects work on a project, they are responsible for designing a safe structure. They work with a field team who will be on site to report any concerns they see, too, so there are several “checkpoints” during which the design should be reviewed.

If your architect made a mistake on the design for a project, then it’s important for you to know that you may be able to make a claim for compensation. You may be able to ask that they compensate you for damage that has occurred, ask them to pay to repair or replace damaged aspects of the building or sue for personal injuries.

What kinds of issues can lead to problems during a build?

There can be issues linked to:

  • The design’s details
  • The contractor’s work not being compared against the original specifications
  • Material defects
  • Building requirements not being met

These and other reasons for problems with a project could lead to a lawsuit if they are not corrected.

What should you do if your home or other building is damaged as a result of these faults?

If an architect’s errors or lack of oversight on a project leads to damage later on, it’s worth communicating with them about the issue. Some will offer to make repairs or to address damages, so you can get your building back to the quality you’d expect.

In cases where mistakes have led to injuries due to fire, collapses or other problems, you can also consider making a personal injury claim against the architect and others who worked on the project, since their errors may have led to those faults in a home or business structure.

The right legal approach can make a difference with this kind of case, so consider looking into your rights before speaking with the architect.